Front-End Engineer

Bengaluru   |   Full Time

XFlow is cross-border payments infrastructure that provides businesses access to global markets, starting with those in India and subsequently other parts of South & South East Asia. We are enabling users to accept and payout money globally in a simple, reliable, compliant, transparent and financially compelling manner.

Building payments infrastructure is hard, and elegantly solving for cross-border payments infrastructure for businesses even more so. The complexity stems from the different changing regulatory requirements of the many countries that we will operate in, building payment guarantees in existing rails (or for that matter, creating a new payment rail altogether) and capturing value in a way where we are net additive to our users. 

Finally, and we cannot stress this enough, culture eats everything else for breakfast. We aim to be an engineering driven company that believes finance problems are rooted in code and strongly prefer individuals who share a similar belief.

You will:

  • Build the XFlow User Dashboard which is a visual interface on top of XFlow’s API. The User Dashboard is fast, locally available and updated in real-time

  • Build the Checkout product which creates a secure, XFlow-hosted payment page that lets the user collect payments from businesses and customers quickly and is optimized for conversion

  • Define and implement the XFlow website and app strategy

  • Set a standard in sustainable engineering by defining best practices, producing best in class of code, external and internal documentation, testing, and monitoring

  • Debug production issues across services and multiple levels of the stack to optimize for compute, storage and latency

  • Help the founding team be responsible for inculcating and maintaining an engineering first culture

  • Meet with users to gather feedback, and take pride from working on projects that solve acute real world problems

You have:

  • At least 7-8 years of professional software development experience including building and scaling production web applications

  • A solid understanding of Javascript (at least 4+ years of writing this professionally) and experience working in either React or Vue.js 

  • Working knowledge of modern CSS frameworks / or some other way to style web apps

  • Worked with backend frameworks to build an end to end application

  • The skills and inclination to think rigorously about API design and diving deep into the details

Bonus Points if you have:

  • Experience working in Typescript

  • Experience with UI design and working with tools like Figma

  • Worked on Open Source Software and published Javascript libraries

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